In the Shadow of the Moon is a weird movie. It takes itself seriously, even as one of the characters in the movie confesses, ‘Even I don’t understand it completely.”

It aspires to be a cop movie, a commentary on racism and a time travelogue — all at once. It succeeds only partially.

I sound critical but I’m intrigued by the plot. The movie starts promisingly enough, with a classical pianist, a bus driver and a guy cooking a (rather cheesy) Philly Cheese Steak, mysteriously bleeding to death in a uniformly gruesome manner — with blood oozing out every orifice…

Data privacy and security is all the buzz these days. Everyone is talking about how Goliaths like Facebook & Google need to be more careful about collecting and handling data. Governments around the world are trying to make it more difficult to collect and use consumer data. But is collecting data so bad? Let us try to demystify the nuts and bolts of this.

Why do companies collect data?

The most common reason for companies to collect data is to use/sell it for marketing. Essentially , it’s about understanding your behaviour and creating a ‘pseudo profile’ of yours to help…

Ever since Bitcoin peaked in late 2017, everyone has been wanting to get their hands on cryptocurrency as it’s now considered by everyone to be a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme. But not a lot of people actually understand what Cryptocurrency(CC) is all about. Let’s try and decode it together.

So, what is it really?

All of us want to be successful. We dream about that big house with a fabulous backyard to host friends and a fancy new Mercedes maybe? But why do we yearn for these things? Why do we want the things we want?It’s because we equate the possession of these objects to happiness. And when I say ‘we’, I am MOST DEFINITELY including myself in the group.

Having grown up in an Indian family where competitiveness is a way of life, I’ve grown up to be a fiercely competitive and ambitious young man (I’m also 6'2" and in good shape, but…

Tushar Subramaniam

Work in progress.

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